giovedì 20 dicembre 2018


Welcome to the Crafting Race!
Here’s a quick guide to enjoy the Competition in Christmas Race!
Tip: The competition counter can be accessed via the HUD (pumpkin icon) on the left of your screen.
1) Create or find Cute Toys: in the Toy Factories or in Santa’s Gift Sacks.
  • Santa’s Gift Sacks are generated once every 3 hours only in Christmas Race. You can have a maximum of 10 Gift Sacks in a land. Remember to cut them out, or new ones won’t appear!!!
2) Add the toys into the counter (the Christmas Card icon on the left of your game screen)Each cute toy has a set value of Giggle Points: for example, the 1 Toy Horse = 2 Giggle Points. You can see the amount of points of each craft by hovering your mouse over the item.
3) For every 500 added CUTE TOYS you will get a gift box that goes to your HOME STORAGE! You can set it out on your Station, open it and get nice gifts.
4) The amount of GIGGLE POINTS for items added will establish your place in the competition ranking!
For example: if you add 10 Toy Horses, you will have 20 points (since 1 Horse is worth 2 points).
The competition is over on January 2, 23:59 PST!
The competition has 3 ranks:
1) Gold rank: top 100 players will be awarded this rank
2) Silver Rank: 5% of the total competitors will be awarded this rank
3) Bronze Rank: 10% of the total competitors will be awarded this rank
Each player who places in the Gold, Silver or Bronze Ranks will get a reward.
The rewards for the Gold Rank will include a unique sled skin upgrade: you’ll be able to travel in a merry sled all year round. Plus you’ll get many useful items, buffs and decorations!
Don’t worry if you don’t want to take part in the competition! You can get Gift Boxes with lovely prizes or just explore the land and get treasures and resources from it!

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