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Jungle School

Ranger Regina has rescued vulnerable, orphaned baby animals and is bringing them to my farm. I am going to train them at the exciting Jungle School so that they can return to the wild, strong and capable. They will start at the daycare center and make their way through to high school, learning all the skills they will need to survive (and have fun) in the Jungle. When the animals graduate, they can compete in the Jungle Area against animals from other farms.

Megalo Monkey will visit my farm and he will fetch any item I want whenever I feed him Bananas which I will earn through the Jungle School.


If you are at Level 30 or higher, you will have the chance to purchase the early access to Jungle School on May 10.

Click on the “Start Now!” button to get an extra week head start and complete the Jungle School in time for the Jungle Arena! You can also begin later when the feature is released to everyone.


Start the Jungle School feature by tapping on the Daycare Center. Complete the 5 phases to win the rewards!


To complete a phase, you need to fulfill orders that you pick from the order tab. Fulfilling orders gives you Grade Points and fills your Streak Meter.


Note: Be mindful of the timer on your Meter Steak! Once the timer expires and the orders aren’t completely filled, the entire streak will be reset.


Tap to explore each animal’s special power and close the tab when you’re ready to continue.


Here’s your Guide on each animal’s special power.



When an order is completed within the time frame, Bonus rewards will be earned.


Completing orders lets you earn Grade Points which will help you to fill your Streak Meter. Once filled, you will be rewarded with Grade Points Boost!


Complete all Phases to win Megalo Monkey who will fetch any item for you!



Phase Rewards

Phase 1: 5 Golden Gloves, 10 Speed Seed, 3 Shovels, and 1 Nail + 3 Bananas
Phase 2: 5 Golden Gloves, 10 Speed Seed, 2 Nails, and 2 Padlocks + 4 Bananas
Phase 3: 5 Golden Gloves, 3 Bronze Stamps, and 2 Silver Stamps + 5 Bananas
Phase 4: 10 Keys, 10 Golden Gloves, 3 Sand Dollars, and 2 Gold Stamps + 6 Bananas
Phase 5: Megalo Monkey and 15 Bananas + 7 Bananas

Leaderboard Event

The Jungle Arena will be unlocked to the players who've already completed all 5 phases of the Jungle School. Purchasing the Early Access gives you a week of advantage


Temporary Place of Interest: Cozy Canopy

Wind down and have some fun at the Cozy Canopy where you can get rare and special items for the Jungle School!


Temporary Workshop: Jungle Supplies


Temporary Farm Hands: Ranger Regina and Know-It-Owl

You can purchase Ranger Regina and Know-It-Owl to guide you in nurturing your Jungle School students. With their guidance, you will get rare event items more often! Be reminded that they are both in your farm temporarily. They will have to bid you farewell once the event ends.


Don’t forget to visit the Spin The Rabbit Wheel for a chance to win higher Boosts and other amazing prizes.


The Rabbit Wheel can be found near the Daycare Center and can be spun every 18 hours.


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