giovedì 26 aprile 2018


The Cruises to our island are more popular than ever!

Which is why we've been invited to compete in the Contest of Cruises!

The Contest of Cruises pits Beach Clubs against one another as they serve visitors to see who can earn the most Happiness. 

If you are at least Level 18, and part of a Beach Club, you will be invited to join the Contest of Cruises to see if you have what it takes to wow our newest visitors!

Start participating by inviting visitors in to your island using the "+ Invite Visitor" button.

Unlike before, these new Visitors came here with a mission -- to explore what our island has to offer. Get ready for quests that you need to complete to make them happy!

What's New?

Making a Visitor's time worthwhile still earns you Happiness, and helps your Club achieve its goals. Compete with other beach clubs using this happiness to win at the Contest of Cruises!

Work your way up the competition ladder by being on top of the Contest of Cruises at the end of the week to raise your Beach Club's Cruise Class!

There are 5 Cruise Classes available. Reach Star Class for a chance to win the exclusive guide, Captain Memo, which doubles rare items dropped from Landmarks he is used in to!

Note: Captain Memo is a temporary guide, and will only stay on the island for 7 days. Make sure to place on the top 3 spots to "extend" his stay!

How can our Beach Club be promoted?

Here are the rules that you need to keep in mind if you want your Beach Club on top of the others:
  • Finish in Top 5 during Deluxe Class
  • Finish in Top 4 during Premium Class
  • Finish in Top 3 during Luxury Class and above
Can our Beach Club be demoted?

Yes, your Beach Club can be demoted if you place on the bottom 3 places while in Luxury, Elite, and Star Classes.

  • Demotion starts at tier 4 of Luxury Class.
  • Beach Clubs that reached Luxury Class can no longer be demoted back to Premium Class.
Are there boosts to help my Beach Club reach top Class soon?

Yes. You can buy our Happiness Boost to help your Beach Club earn double Happiness Points for every visitor for 1 hour!

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