venerdì 6 luglio 2018


Required level: 8. Required app version: 1.19.0.

⌛ Note: the event (including the possibility to buy items at the Summer Fair) stops for everyone on July 20 (09:00 UTC).

👉 You get 1 key 🔑 for every SuperBINGO ball 🎱

👉 Your keys 🔑 won't disappear once the event is over - all the unused keys will reappear in the next Special Bingo Event ✨✨

👉 You may get keys 🔑 from the following:

  Central Station (1 key every 4 hours) 🚆
  The Capitol (2 keys every 4 hours) 🏤
  Bumper Cars (2 keys every 4 hours) 🚘
  Playing SuperBINGO 🎱
  Buying items at the Summer Fair 🃏
* You can also buy keys at the Summer Fair 💸 or during our special sales

The more chests you open the better chance you have of getting the amazing SummerAttractions  👀
Blue Chest (Prize Box): 10 keys with a chance to get 5-27 Silver Tickets and 0-2 Golden Tickets
Red Chest (Colorful Prize Box): 40 Keys with a chance to get 23-100 Silver Tickets and 2-14 Golden Tickets 

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