lunedì 29 aprile 2019


What is a kraken?

Seamen have long since been telling legends of a mighty beast, capable of sinking an entire fleet or a convoy just by emerging from the sea depths; of the creature with features, inducing dread and dimensions that make you stand still in astonishment; of the being, unmatched by any other creatures from stories ever told. And, if heaven is the domain to angels and dragons, the seas have got but one lord — a kraken.
A kraken, that slumbers throughout centuries down below on the sea bed, can reach dimensions that anybody can even barely fathom, up to dozens of kilometers. This monstrosity is of proportions epic and features dreadful indeed. It partially resembles a squid, yet the sizes of both just defy comparison. The vessels, unlucky to have disturbed the kraken during the Renaissance era, would simply go astray should its tentacle just smash against the sea surface.
The kraken counts towards the fiercest monsters of the sea, however there is something that stands even higher.
Each nation and culture refers to it in different ways, but all the legends speak of the same — the God of Seas. Should the God speak his will, a kraken will rise from its century-long slumber and fulfill it. These legends also feature a certain artifact to grant its owner the power control the beast. If the God of Seas keeps silent, a kraken can remain dormant for centuries, or even millenia without disturbing anybody, whereas it is capable to alter entire shorelines in a matter of days, either upon disturbance from its slumber or by an order from its superior. One may say, that amidst all living beings, the kraken is the most potent one, and most peaceful one at the same time.
Epics of certain nations refer to the kraken battles, which may lead to a conclusion, that up to today, almost all of these monstrosities have fallen, so the God of Seas is the supervisor to the only one remaining alive. A creature, that does not bear progeny, unrestrained in feeding and slumber, has reached truly epic proportions, leaves no other choice but wonder how can it withstand the hunger and not come ashore wreaking mayhem and thus elusive to the sight of explorers. Perhaps, there is still a lonely hollow in the ocean, where a kraken lies dreaming and no explorers have yet been able to reach. We have but to hope that, even if this hollow ever gets discovered, the explorers are wise enough neither to disturb the ancient beast, provoking its ire, nor to attempt to undo it by the means of some intricate weaponry.
According to cryptozoological data, the dimensions of the last kraken in the existence nowadays are at the estimate length of 12 km and width of almost 1 km. Its tentacle can easily wind around a skyscraper and tear it off the ground. May the eternal slumber of this monstrosity never ever be disturbed!

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