sabato 27 aprile 2019


For some people spring is the beast season to start getting fit for the summer and for us it's the best time to clean up in the Household! There is quite a number of unclaimed letters in our post office. Let's not postpone their delivery. Especially because today some guys showed up who promise to cope with everything in a flash!
Help the seal and his team to find all identical letters  to speed up their delivery. First letter he has already found! The seal will surely reward you for your help.
The more right answers there are the better present will be. Your answer are accepted only for 2 days.
100 right answers - 1 gem 💎
200 right answers - 2 gems 💎
300 and more right answers - 3 gems 💎
Tell your friends about the task (Like 👍 and Share ) so that they will also help us with the search!

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