martedì 23 aprile 2019


You don't know where to settle cows and bulls? Or maybe you're planning to breed a new specie of these kindest animals? Fango Al knows a lot about such things. Purchase cowboy, his lodge and pickup truck and receive Texas ranch as a gift!
The offer is available only on 23rd and 24th of April.
Cowboys' lodge
Fango Al
Cowboy pickup truck
You can feed a Texas Longhorn calf once a 9 hours. You can apply boosts to it.
You can't apply machine oil to Cowboy pickup truck.
Texas ranch's extensions
You can win Japanese serows in the Post Office and Pinata.
You can win blacknose sheep in the Post Office, Pinata and the Wheel of Fortune.
Who can be settled in the new storage
Astronaut cow, Aviator bull, Beekeeper bull, Birthday cow, Blonde d'Aquitaine cow, Brazilian cow, Brown cow, Bull, Bull Frankie, Bullock, Charolais bull, Chocolate cow, Christmas cow, Cowetta, Cozy cow, Delivery yak, Easter cow, Eclair bull, Eggplant bull, Energetic bull, Fall cow, Flower bullock, Flower cow, Gentleman bull, Giraffe cow, Golden bull, Golden takin, Guernsey cow, Hereford cow, Highland bull, Highland cow, Holstein cow, Honey cow, Householdian cow, Jersey cow, Lionull, Manager Angus, , Pack yak, Painted clay bull, Painted clay cow, Pear cow, Pilgrim cow, Plush cow, Poncho bull, Pumpkin cow, Purebred bull, Sichuan takin, Snow cow, Snowflake bullock, Snowy bull, Snowy musk-ox, Speckled cow, Spring bull, Spring cow, Straw cow, Texas Longhorn, Tiny bull, Zeppelin cow, Zerba bull.
What a good neighbor should have
- Speckled cows
- Chardonnay grapevines
- Chameleon lambs

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