venerdì 17 maggio 2019


How can you cover dangerous territories as fast and effective as possible? Guide bustard, Leader rhino, Stash of tools and 5 Pioneer's toolkits will help you in this difficult task!
🔍 Guide bustard generates 4 energy units, 280 experience points and a random element from the pioneer's collection once in every 22 hours. 
🔍 Leader rhino generates 6 energy units and 310 experience points with each feeding, as well as an occasional random element from the secrets of Africa collection.
🔍 Stash of tools generates 200 experience points, 20 food units and 20 wood units, as well as either 3 machetes or 2 pickaxes once in every 20 hours.
🔍 Pioneer's toolkit generates 30 machetes and 20 pickaxes when you collect profits from it, and then disappears.

📎 Pioneer's toolkit can be exchanged to 100 experience points.
📎 Africa collection can be exchanged to African totem (generates 85 experience points once a day).
📎 Machete and pickax will be useful for clearing territories in Savanna.
The promo will be available until the 21st of May. 

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