venerdì 17 maggio 2019


Part 3 /4
Load the jeep x 1 – click on the jeep to see what you need to fill it for the trip
Visit your neighbors x 15 – to count these must be the first visits to your neighbors after reset.
Feed regular horses on your site x 12
To load the jeep you need:
· 5 Travelers phrase books – take pictures of wild birds on your site – you may see wild birds when you take care and harvest fruit trees
· 7 Baskets of provisions – take care of persimmon and pear trees on your site
· 9 Radio batteries – pick bamboo and anthurium on your site
· 10 Safari outfits – feed your neighbor's regular bulls and cows
Reward: 350 XP
Part 4/4
Invite the Panda Driver x 1 - click on the safari jeep with gear on board to invite the driver
To invite the panda driver you need: 6 Invitations – harvest millet and rye on your site
Collect maps of Africa x 15 - feed your neighbor's donkeys
Eat soup x 3 – can be bought in the market (it must be regular soup, (the herbal enriched soup in your inventory does not count).
Reward: 550 XP

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