lunedì 24 giugno 2019


Have you noticed we updated the Toolbar? 😉
Here’s what you can do with your Toolbar:
1)Red X: cancel all current actions in the game.
2)Full-screen mode (please note, after you go to full-screen, you can click on this button again and go to super full-screen mode).
3)Zoom in.
4)Zoom out.
5)Turn game sounds on/off.
6)Turn game music on/off.
7)Optimal mode: your game animation (like animals moving) won’t be displayed, if you turn on optimal mode, you can click on the same button again and go to super optimal mode.
Note: If you have any issues with your game displaying items/animation, we recommend trying the optimal and super optimal modes. 😉
8)Disable/enable scaling: it scales your game plus all your UI controls when you zoom in and out.

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