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Friends! Today we've collected the most popular questions and answers on them.
🧚‍♀ Why small magic hills don't appear at my site? 
Use the 'Search at location' tool to find hills ('Actions' on the toolbar, 'magnifying glass' tool).
🧚‍♀ Where can I get midnight deer?
Midnight deer can be found when exploring medium and large hills. They are more common on large hills.
🧚‍♀ Why doesn't the fairy give me a flower?
That's because you have the same one in inventory. Place it on your location and help it open and bloom.
🧚‍♀ Where could fairies and flowers that they give be placed?
After the summer solstice celebration fairies and flowers can be placed to Summer Solstice castle.
🧚‍♀ Where can I get this castle?
You get it after completing the bonus 'Magic Party' quest.
🧚‍♀ Where can I get the fourth fairy - fairy of full moon?
You can get her by exchanging the midnight set ('Album' on the toolbar).
🧚‍♀ Where can I get enchanted wreathes for the summer magic challenge? How may wreaths do I get?
Table with actions and number of wreathes is posted below.

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