domenica 28 aprile 2019


The most refreshing and fragrant promo of this spring will be waiting for you in the game on 28th and 29th of April! Purchase "Heron" flowerbed, Flower seller cow and Goat with a jug to get Friends' buvette, which will increase the number of actions that are available at your site, as a gift.
Buvette can be moved to any site and it can also be placed in fountain park and golden fountain park.
"Heron" flowerbed can be placed in:
- Flower garden 
- Luxury flower garden 
- Golden flower garden 
- Botanical gardens 
- Blooming pavilion

Flower seller cow and Goat with a jug can be moved to Flowerberg and settled to:
- Enchanted palace 
- Castle of wonders 
- Fantasy castle 
- Mountain retreat 
- Guesthouse

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