venerdì 21 giugno 2019


Friends! Let's look closely into the hills appearance mechanic today.
🧚 How often do magic hills appear?
Magic hills appear after the corresponding timers in the right part of the screen run out:
- Small - every hour
- Medium - every 2.5 hours
- Large - every 8 hours
🧚 What should be done so that new hill appears on the site after timer runs out?
- There should be enough free space on the site for its appearance.
- There shouldn't be the hill of the same size on the location because there can be only one copy of hill of the same size.
- You should be at your site in the Household or the game should be closed.
🧚 I was at my neighbor's site when the timer ran out. Will a new hill appear at my site in the Household?
- If you were at other location (e.g. Savanna) or visiting neighbor, or was at the screen of opened storage when the timer ran out, new hill won't appear. Timer will run to zero and a new countdown will begin.
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