martedì 20 novembre 2018

DIGGY'S ADVENTURE - Update: Christmas 2018 begins!

Little Susan was watching the snow fall from the window of her house when she noticed a frozen reindeer in her front yard. Only you can help her escort the famous Rudolph back to the North Pole and help him believe in Christmas again!
The Christmas 2018 story is available November 20 2018 – January 01 2019; people who have already taken the quests in this period will have time to finish them until January 08 2019.


Christmas 2018 questline (unlocked after finishing the 'Continuing the Adventure' quest; questgiver: Susan)
Christmas 2018 repeatable locations: Labyrinth of Holiday Rings, Chambers of Holiday Rings, Island of Gems, Chestnut Market
Christmas 2018 production: ‘Roasted Chestnuts’
New materials: ‘Winter Hat’ and ‘Chestnuts’
New decoration in the shop
Christmas 2018 camp equip in the shop (marked by Rudolph’s head icon)
Christmas 2018 achievement: ‘Winter Warmth’
Christmas 2018 treasure: ‘Snowmen Family’
You can now play the Christmas story with Christmas music in the background
Several bugs fixed

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