venerdì 17 maggio 2019


BROOM - clear trees, bushes, weeds
EMPTY JAR - cast Magic of Coziness on buildings ( used to craft Princess Frog)
GEMSTONE SHOOT - collect Mana Sources:: Random drop (1 piece)
- collect Quarries & Large Quarries 100% drop (10 pieces)
GOLDEN KEY - harvest Yellow Water Lily (used to craft Turtles)
MAGIC OF COZINESS - craft in WW then cast on buildings to get Empty Jar
MANA CRYSTAL - collect Mana Sources (used to craft Magic of Coziness)
MYSTERIOUS BOX - sell Princess Frog, open to get a Secret (Mushroom, Flower or Precious)
PRECIOUS CROWN - harvest Gemstone Shoot
PRINCESS FROG - craft in WW, 10 levels & eats Precious Crown, sells for Mysterious Box
YELLOW WATER LILY - get as reward for completing quests, gives golden key - also, special offers on May 18th - 23rd - get 4 times a day at 5 AM EDT, 11 AM EDT, 5 PM EDT & 11 PM EDT.
MUSHROOM Turtle, craft in the Adventurous Revel.
FLOWER Turtle, craft in the Adventurous Revel.
PRECIOUS TURTLES, craft in the Adventurous Revel.

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